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R2A #1: Evictions In Memphis

There as an active national conversation around the breadth, scope, and depth of impact evictions have on our neighborhoods and community. This brief begins to identify the extent to which evictions are negatively impacting Memphis neighborhoods in hopes of galvanizing a larger city-wide conversation around this topic. The brief can be accessed at the icon below.

R2A #2: COVID-19 & Memphis Neighborhoods

The economic and social repercussions of the novel coronavirus are already becoming evident and are likely to have a tangible, longer-term impact for many Memphians. I worked with Innovate Memphis to create a public mapping tool that visualized these socioeconomic impacts combining methodologies from NYU's Furman Center and the Urban Institute. 

See Full Report
R2A #3: 2023 State of Memphis Housing Report

Last year, the City of Memphis' Division of Housing Community Development (HCD) partnered with the Rhodes College Research-2-Action Collaborative (an initiative of the college’s Institute for Health Equity & Community Justice) to produce an update to the previous State of Memphis Housing Report from 2020. The goal of this report is to provide a single source of facts, data, and analysis to guide conversations between the key players—bankers, realtors, planners, organizers, advocates, developers, etc.— in the Memphis housing landscape.

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